Sheetal Kamat

I actually wanted to prepared egg pattice from boiled egg, but since there was no maida stock was over from my place as well as from the store where i buy the grocery, i decided to try something different and here is the result

Stuffed Egg Pasanda
1 cup wheat flour
3 hard boiled eggs
2 green chillies
Handfull of corriander leaves
Salt to taste

  • Preapare the dough from wheat flour the way one prepares for rotis and keep aside
  • Grate the boiled eggs
  • Mix grated eggs, finely chopped chillies, finely chopped corriander leaves and salt
  • Roll the roti from the dough and use the egg mixture to get different shapes
  • For Roll shape: Spread the egg mixture on top of the roti and then make the roll out of it and close all sides with water
  • For Karanji Shape : Put the egg mixture on top of the roti and fold to get half round karanji shape. Close all sides using water
  • Deep fry in oil

When I tried this, the dough was little loser and hence when i made the roll shapes i heated the roti from both side for a second on tawa so that it is not too sticky and thin.
You can also try other shapes eg, like samosa, which i didn't have patience for, with sticky dough

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