Sheetal Kamat

After paratha, this is the next dish with another papaya sitting in our fruit basket..

Papaya Tikki
1 raw papaya
1 spoon ginger paste
1 spoon red chilli powder
1 spoon sugar
4 spoon bason
4 spoon corn flour
Salt to taste

  • Grate papaya and add it in a pan
  • Add water till papaya is covered and cook on medium heat till papaya is cooked
  • Add sugar and cook again, let water dry completely
  • In another pan heat oil, add ginger paste, red chilli powder and cook it for a while till ginger paste is completely done
  • Add it to the cooked papaya, add salt and mix well
  • Let mixture cool down and then add bason and corn flour
  • Refrigerate overnight to get the thick and nonsticky batter
  • In the morning, take the mixture out of refrigerator and make tikkis - flat round shaped
  • Shallow fry on the tawa and serve with the sause

You can also fry the tikki after covering it with fine rawa or bread crums

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