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Blogging with a Purpose Award I have received a "Blogging with Purpose" Award from Diksha.. Thanks a lot Diksha for passing this award to me. Being bollywood buff, I would like to give/write my speech for the award here.

First of all I would like to thank my husband - Ajoy. He has encouraged me in many ways.. Sometimes verbally.. sometime critically and most of the time eating whatever I gave him :) Be it then hard rock cakes that were a beiginning of cake baking. Or be it by giving my recipies unique looks like Sinking Titanic. He had been there all the time and I really owe him for this award.

The next thank you is obviously for my mom whom i have called at random times with queries like how to cook Jackfruit vegetable or asking her to write a few tricky recipies for me like samosas. She has also given me few nice recipe magzines that help in coming up with new dishes.

I would also like to friends who have helped me with some special recipies like Methi Malai Muttor or be it gifting recipie books during my wedding.

Thank you all for the encouragement and help.

I would like to pass on this award to :

Congratulations to all of you for the well deserved award.
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Sheetal Kamat

After long time I am posting a recipe.. Last few weeks I was out of action.. But yep I had prepared few items I wanted to post but didnt have enough energy to do so.. Anyways will prepare those item sometime later and post them.. No worries..
Today when I was late, I wanted to cook something quick, yet that will suffice my hunger so here is what I cooked.. This is inspired by the dosas mom use to make when I was small..

Cucumber Omelette
1 Cucumber
1 Cup Rice Powder
3-4 Green Chillies
1 spoon Jeera
Salt to taste

  • Grate the cucumber
  • Mix the cucumber, rice powder, finely chopped green chillies, jeera and salt to taste.
  • Make batter out of this mixture with flowing consistency using water
  • Heat the tawa and spread oil
  • Spread the batter and cook on medium flame till the side is done
  • Flip it and cook on the otherside and then serve

Use nonstick tawa for better result, as the rice powder dosa becomes quite sticky.
Sometimes I also add a spoon or two of rawa to make it little less sticky.
This tastes best with the coconut green chutney but if you dont have enough time to prepare this it even goes with pickle

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