Sheetal Kamat

Actually yesterday I tried to prepare Date Cake and It turned out total flop as I realised that I forgot to add baking powder, which is basic for any cake, only after it was almost baked for 35 min... This biggest flop is being named as cookie by ajoy and he is eating it.. Poor Ajoy.. Today I am posting this Potol Bhaja recipe (again from ma).. Its very easy to cook and very tasty..

Potol Bhaja
Red Chilli Powder
Oil to fry

  • Cut all Padawal into half.
  • Marrinate them with Red Chilli Powder and Salt to taste.
  • Keep aside for 10-15 min
  • Fry them in oil just like one fries wadas

You can similary prepare Baigun(brinjal) Bhaja, Banana Fry by cutting brinjal or banana into smaller round pieces.

  1. Satyaki said...

    hey thanks for the receipe .. it is very simple .

  2. Sudeshna said...

    Hi Sheetal,
    Searching for parwal fry in google, I came your post. I saw that you have four posts shown in your link within plugin. I would be glad if you can kindly tell me how you increased the num of visible posts from 3(thats the default as I know) to 4?

  3. Sudeshna,
    I mailed linkwithin Team if they can help me with it and they did it pretty quickly.

  4. Sudeshna said...

    Thanks for the help, I think I need to do that to :).

  5. Karunya said...

    This is new recipe for potol. I used to always make it with potatoes. This is a new variation. going to try it out as soon as I manage to get potol :-)

  6. Thanks Karunya,
    This recipe is very common in bengali homes. I wasnt aware of this one until I got married :)

  7. Yeamin said...

    wow, sheetal, you look so cute... thnx for the yummy recipe ....


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