Sheetal Kamat

When I got bananas for fruit salad i decided to try this recipy i had read in one of the book mom gave.. It turned out quite filling and different kind of recipy.. Must try if you are obsessed by variations in food :)

Banana Puri
3 small Bananas
1/2 cup Castor Sugar
Wheat flour

  • Mash the bananas
  • Add sugar and mix it well with the bananas till it dissolves completely
  • Add the wheat flour to get dough, coat with oil
  • Roll out puris out of this dough and fry them on medium flame

While i was rolling the puris i thought i should have mixed the bananas and castor sugar together using blender to get really sooth paste. i am going to try this next time.
Don't keep the dough for too long as it might become greyish/blackish because of bananas after a while

  1. Last line is a good tip. I am going to make this today and was unsure abt how long to leave the dough.

    Thanks for the good recipe.

  2. Thankts prithi.. I hope it turns out as nice as it did for me.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hey could I add Cocconut shavings to the banana puri? because my girlfriend absolutely craves Banana puri and i want to learn how to make it as a surprise for her.. I implore you Please let me know at thanks.. Also need to know how long to fry it . you see i'm a man i wouldn't know where to start so i need your help please.

  4. Anonymous,
    Thanks for commenting and shortlisting the dish from here for your surprise. I feel honoured. I am mailing you in detail with the frying tips and coconut options.

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