Sheetal Kamat

Since childhood i just loved fruits and fruit salad too.. So today when i went to market and saw so many fruits, i just couldn't resist preparing this for dessert.. It was yummy...

Fruit Salad With Jelly and Custard
1 Apple
2 Sapota
2 Sweet lime
2 Oranges
1/2 cup grapes
2 Bananas
1/2 pomegranate
5-6 Strawberries
1 packet of Custard Powder
2 packets of Jelly Mix
1/2 liter Milk
2 spoon sugar

  • Boil 900ml of water and mix it with the both jelly mix
  • Set the jelly in the mould and keep aside
  • Mix custard powder in little milk
  • Boil rest of the milk adding sugar to it
  • When milk is boiled, add the custard pate and cook for about 3-4 minutes with constant stirring. Keep aside
  • Refrigerate jelly and custard
  • Cut apple, sapotas, bananas, sweet limes, oranges into small pieces, removing their covers, seeds etc
  • Mix them grapes
  • While serving add a layer of fruits in a bowl
  • Cut jelly into cubes and add a layer of jelly pieces on top of fruits
  • Add custard on top of it and put a cut strawberry and pomegranates on it

I used Weikfield Jelly and Custard Powder to get prepare the jelly and custard, if you use different brand the recipe for jelly and custard might be different.
You can also try two different flavours of jelly mix. I used Rasberry and Banana flavour of jelly and lemon flavour of custard.
On top of this custard you can add a scoop of vanilla or your choice of ice-cream and make a more grand dessert.
You can add pinapple as well in the fruit salad or omit the fruits that are not available.. This would taste even nice with only with a single fruit say like lychee

  1. French_Burnette said...

    OMG!!!!!! Im like drooling like a saint burnard..I'd love to try that!!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    hiiiii...... can u plz tell how much custard in how much milk

  3. Anonymous said...

    can u plz tell how much custard powder in how much milk

  4. I used one packet which was 20g I suppose.

  5. Anonymous said...

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