Sheetal Kamat

Ajoy bought 2 papayas the other day for eating.. They looked little unripped to him but even after 5-6 days when it didn't ripe i decided to try some cooking experiments on it. So this one is the result of experiment on one of them. Another one is yet waiting for its turn :)

Papaya Paratha
1 raw papaya
3 spoon sugar
1 spoon red chilli powder
10 spoon heaps of wheat flour
A handfull of corriander leaves
Salt to taste

  • Peel off the papaya and grate it
  • Heat little oil in a pan and add grated papaya
  • Cook for around 6-7 minutes and then add sugar and chilli powder
  • Cook for some more time till papaya is done
  • Let the mixture cool down
  • Add wheat flour and finely chopped corriander leaves and form the dough for paratha
  • Keep aside for half an hour
  • Roll parathas and cook on tawa with oil or ghee

These parathas are sweet parathas and red chilli powder is just to give little flavour

  1. Ajoy said...

    this tasted very nice. it reminded me of some bengali dish .. we discussed it at lunch ..

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