Sheetal Kamat

Yesterday I was going to prepare Chocolate Macaroons for which I had to powder the almonds but when i made the almond powder it was little moist and not a fine powder that i needed for the macaroons. That is when I sent Ajoy to get more almonds and i made these laadus. They are very yummy and sugar free is bonus :)

Sugar Free Date Almond Laadu
2 Cup Almonds
1 Cup Dates
3-4 Spoon Raisins

  • Powder the almonds.
  • Divide it in two batches. In each batch add 1/2 cup dates and make a thick paste in mixer.
  • Knead the mixture. Make small round balls inserting couple of raisins in each of them. Serve.

I decided to use sweetness of raisins and dates to complement Almonds instead of adding sugar or jaggery which really worked for me as I don't like items too sweet. You can add couple of spoon sugar in case you feel it lacking sweetness.

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