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At Hardik and Shweni's farewell party, there was this mango mousse cake that I liked a lot. The first bite into it and I wanted to make my own cake :) In fact the cake was such a hit that people wanted to leave Seattle so that they get farewell and this cake :) When everybody were talking about this, I was quite and when they turned to me, somebody mentioned: "No, Sheetal doesn't need to leave Seattle, she will make it herself :)". I thought the expectations from me are rising, so i didn't say anything that time, but that was the very moment I had decided to try this out over weekend itself. The one we ate had used artificial mango flavor, I decided to use using Alphonso mango pulp, the taste has come out really well. Now I just need to invite all the party attendees to validate if Cake is at least as good as the one they had got :)

Mango Mousse Cake
1 Cup Maida
3 Eggs
200g Cream Cheese
3 Cup Whipping Cream
5 Cup Alphonso Mango Pulp
1 Spoon Corn Starch
2 Spoon Milk Powder
1/4 Spoon Baking Powder
1.75 Cup Sugar
4 Spoon Gelatin
4 Spoon Lemon Juice
2 Spoon Oil
1.25 Spoon Vanilla Essence
1/4 Spoon Salt

  • Preheat oven at 350F/175C.
  • Sieve through Maida, corn starch 5 times. Add in milk powder, baking powder and sieve couple of times. Keep aside
  • In a standing mixer whip egg whites and salt together till foamy.
  • Add in 1/4 Cup Sugar and whip till peaks can hold. Keep aside.
  • In a bowl whisk egg yolks, 1/2 Spoon Vanilla Essence and 1/4 cup Sugar and whisk till sugar dissolves.
  • Add in oil and another 1/2 spoon Vanilla Essence and whisk for 30 seconds.
  • Carefully fold in egg whites.
  • Fold in Maida mixture 1/3rd at a time. Don't over stir.
  • Line the springform or any 9inch round baking pan with parchment paper, grease it and pour in the batter.
  • Bake the cake in oven at 350F/175C for 20 minutes.
  • Immediately take out the cake on the wire-rack and let it cool down.
  • In the mean time, in a pan heat 1/4 Cup Sugar and 1/4 Cup Water together with stirring till it boils. Let it cook for another 2-3 minutes and then take off the heat. Add in 1/4 Spoon Vanilla Essence and let the mixture cool down a bit.
  • While the sugar syrup is cooling down, in a bowl whip cream cheese, 1 cup sugar and 2 spoon lemon juice together till soft.
  • Heat 1/4 Cup Water in microwave for 1 minute. Add in 2 spoon gelatin and mix till it dissolves completely. Whip it in cream cheese mixture.
  • In separate bowl, whip whipping cream till its fluffy and can hold peaks. Fold it in the cream cheese mixture.
  • Fold in 3 cup mango pulp till mixture is smooth consistency.
  • Now divide the cake into two layers. Put one layer at bottom of the 9inch springform pan. Brush 1/2 of sugar syrup over the cake. Pour in half of mango cream mixture. smooth it with spatula. Put the second layer of cake, brush it with remaining sugar syrup. Pour remaining mango cream mixture and smooth it with spatula. Refrigerate for 1 hour.
  • After the cake has refrigerated for 45 minutes, take remaining 2 cup mango puree in bowl, add in 2 spoon lemon juice and heat it over medium flame. Cook the mixture till its hot, don't let it boil or you will loose the flavor. Take off heat.
  • In a bowl microwave 1/4 cup of water for 1 minute. Add in remaining 2 spoon gelatin and let it dissolve completely. Mix this mixture in mango puree and stir thoroughly. Let it stand still so that its warm to touch. Stir the mixture again.
  • Take off the cake from refrigerator and pour the mango puree over all over the cake. It should form uniform layer over the cake.
  • Refrigerate for at least 8 hours before serving. Remove the ring, decorate with fruits and cut into pieces.

The second layer of cake if is of same diameter as the spring form cake, cut its side so that when you remove the cake there is only base layer visible. My cake was fluffy in the middle so when i cut it into two layers, the top one was automatically less in diameter so worked out perfect.
If you let the cake cool out in pan itself, it will stick to the pan so it is very important to flip it on wire-rack immediately.
I have used mango pulp which is sweetened hence if you are using fresh mango puree then sweeten it with sugar.
Even though process looks lengthy, after first try you will know that the process isn't tedious. Once you know what to do, it is easier and off course the end result is mind blowing :)

Sheetal Kamat

You may notice that the last recipe I posted used Cabbage too.. Its because, this is left over from the last week's Cabbage :) I had lot of left over Broccoli too.. So last evening I decided to make a mix vegetable out of it but it was only when I actually started making it I thought this would make great Kababs. They are really tasty and very easy and quick to make. I made them in half an hour.

Cabbage Broccoli Kabab
2 Cups Cabbage
3 Cups Broccoli
1 Tomato
1 Spoon Oregano
1 Spoon Jeera
1 Spoon Mustard
1 Spoon Chaat Masala
1/2 Spoon Red Chilli Powder
1/2 Lemon
1 Spoon Coriander Leaves
1 Spoon Pudina Leaves
2 Spoon Maida
1 Spoon Rice Powder
A Pinch of Asafoetida
1/4 Cup Cashews
Salt to taste

  • Heat half spoon of oil and add in tomato puree.
  • Add in oregano and red chilli powder and cook till completely done. Keep aside.
  • In a pan, heat another spoon of oil and let mustard, jeera splutter. Add in Asafoetida.
  • Add in Broccoli chopped into small pieces and cook with constant stirring till broccoli is almost done
  • Add in finely chopped cabbage, pudina leaves, coriander leaves and cook till cabbage turns light brown.
  • Add in earlier cooked tomato paste, lemon juice and salt to taste and cook for another minute. Take off heat and let it cool down.
  • Add in maida, rice powder and chaat masala. Mix well. Make balls with these mixture and press them between palms with a cashew.
  • Heat pan and add 2 spoons of oil and cook on both sides till they are brown.

I even had tomato paste ready for I had made it for Rice Bowl last week. I had made double quantity and had used half of it. Its a great item to store in fridge for quick flavoring

Sheetal Kamat

As you know with New Years and my jetlag my unofficial resolution of the year is to eat anything but simple bread butter or cornflakes in breakfast :) So when Ajoy got bread with groceries I came up with this :)

Bread Dahi Wada
8 Bread Slices
2.5 Cup Curd
2 Green Chillies
4 Garlic Cloves
3 Spoon Sugar
1/4 Spoon Black Pepper
A Pinch of Red Chilli Powder
A Pinch of Chaat Masala
Handful of Coriander Leaves
Salt to taste

  • Soak Bread slices in water and immediately press them in your palms to remove the water.
  • In a plate add this bread, finely chopped green chillies, garlic, ground pepper an salt to taste. Knead really well and make the lemon sized balls.
  • Fry these balls in hot oil till brown.
  • In a bowl mix curd, sugar, red chilli powder, chaat masala and salt to taste
  • In plates serve the fried bread mixture balls, covered with curd and garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves

If you are not going to eat all the wadas at a time, then keep the bread dough and fry it later, otherwise fried and stored wadas get little rubbery.

Sheetal Kamat

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. With parents around, then our vacation, in last few months, I had to hardly anytime make breakfast. So given the long break from cooking breakfast and Jetlag which makes me wake up really early in the morning, i was set to try out something different for breakfast. So here comes the new entry.

Cabbage Pattice
2 Cup Cabbage
2 Potatoes
2 Spoon Corn Flour
1/4 Cup Rava
1/2 Spoon Jeera
2-3 Garlic Cloves
Salt to taste

  • Pressure cook potatoes and keep aside till they are cold enough to handle
  • Heat a pan and add few drops of oil.
  • Let the Jeera splutter in it.
  • Add in finely chopped garlic and cabbage and cook till cabbage is brown.
  • Grate the potato and add the corn flour, salt to paste
  • Knead it well, put couple of drops of oil and finish the kneading.
  • Make lemon sized potato balls and press them to make a cup shape.
  • Add in half spoon of mixture in each cup and close them. Press each ball lightly to make Pattice
  • Roll each Pattice in the rava and cook them on tawa sprinkling drops of oil couple of times.

I didn't want to make the cabbage very spicy instead i wanted to give it flavor of garlic and Jeera hence i didn't use any other spices in this at all. Its really upto you to decide the spices you want and can vary the flavor each time you make this.

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