Sheetal Kamat

Fish rava fry is special delicacy from Goa and north karnataka.. Any body would get instant liking towards this dish.. And you will soon come to know its lot easy to prepare as well..

Fish Rava Fry
4-5 Fish Pieces
2 spoon Red Chilly Powder
1 spoon turmeric powder
2 spoon Rava

  • Marinate the fish pieces with salt and keep aside for 5-10 minutes
  • Now marriante the fish pieces with the turmeric powder and chilly powder. Keep aside for another 5-10 minutes
  • Heat the tawa, add little oil
  • Roll the marinated fish pieces in the rawa and fry them on the tawa on medium heat till rawa is golden brown and fish is well cooked

You can try this on any fish, even prawns. Recipy remains same taste changes with the taste of fish.

  1. sdalvi said...

    My mom adds a hint of lemon juice or tamarind sauce along with the chilly and turmeric powder. It does wonders in making the combination taste different.

    Here in the US, fishes are mostly mild and don't have as much flavor. So I add freshly ground garlic paste to the marinade. Just a little different flavor - especially if you are having with plain rice and dal. :)

    P.S: I might try some of your recipes and let you know how it works out. ;)

  2. Sheetal said...

    We add tamarind juice to few kaaps that we fry not to fish fry.. Somehow i love this red chilli, salt and turmeric taste with fried fish.. Can't think of other :) but yeah will surely try garlic flavour you mentioned :)

  3. Vick said...

    Hi Sheetal, I just tried your recipe for Fish Rava Fry. It was worth it. Initially, I was not so sure about your recipe (just salt n chilli powder). But, it was really tasty. And it takes less than 30 mins, which is wonderful for someone like me staying in US. And, I tried with Tilapia fish. I think, I should share my fish curry recipe (modified Mallu "Koodum Puli Fish curry"). Though, I'm not a mallu, instead of kodum puli, I substituted it with tamarind juice. Thanks a lot for my nice dinner tonight.

  4. Sheetal said...

    Welcome, hope you find other dishes also that suite your taste :)

  5. Pooja V said...

    I loved this. I am from Goa and I literally drooled all over my keyboard.
    I am so happy i found this blog.

  6. Thanks Pooja,
    Glad you liked it. I was looking at your blog and it looks interesting too.

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