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Around 5 years back I was staying away from home for the first time because of a new job in bangalore. I use to stay with roomies - Amita, Vinaya and Anumeha.. One fine day we thought of preparing dahi vada. It was just after some 2-3 months after we had moved into a flat. We hardly had any cooking experience and required utensils. We used MTR's Instant Vada mix for preparing wada and fried it in a small pot (we didn't have pan :D). The best part was I mentioned them quite a few times that I know how to preapre 'good dahi vada' :) Since childhood it was my faviourite dish and I had seen mom preparing it :) thats the reason I knew of the tricks for getting good dahi wada :D So here in this recipe i share it :) Off course now I don't use instant mix for preparing wada and i do have a pan to fry the vadas :)

Dahi Vada
1 cup Udid Daal
1 Green Chilli
1/4 spoon Ginger paste
1/2 ltr Curd
2-3 spoon Sugar

  • Soak the udid daal overnight
  • In the morning, separate the water from the daal
  • Grind the daal by adding around 4-5 spoons of water
  • Add green chilli, ginger paste and grind further to get fine paste
  • Get the mixture in a pot, add salt to taste and mix well
  • Heat oil in a pan and fry the small vadas
  • Mean while in a pot mix water and little salt and keep aside
  • Mix 2-3 spoons of curd with around a cup of water and keep it in plate and keep aside
  • When vada is fried well, remove it from oil and add it to the salty water prepared earlier
  • Fry next set of vadas
  • When they are ready remove the earlier batch of vadas from water, press them to remove the water and them in the plate with curd water
  • Repeat for all wadas
  • Mix the curd, sugar, little salt to taste and keep ready
  • While serving, serve the wada from the curd water and cover it with the sweet curd we preapred earlier.

When you fry the vada, it should float in the oil, if not mix the batter well.
Also when the vada is dipped in salty water, it should float, if not vada is half cooked.
You can garnish the vada with red chilli powder, tamarind chutney if you like.

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