Sheetal Kamat

Ajoy hates spinach. So i have to be innovative with spinach to make him eat that. And here is the interesting and yummier item I came up with.

Spinach Puri
1 Spinach
2 Green Chillies
1/2 spoon Garlic Paste
1 spoon Jeera
5 spoon Heaps of Wheat flour
1 spoon Bason
Salt to taste

  • Grind Spinach leaves, green chillies and jeera by adding little water to fine paste
  • Mix wheat flour, bason and salt
  • Add around a spoon of hot oil in it
  • Add the spinach paste to it and make the dough. Add water if required.
  • Keep aside for around half an our
  • Roll the small puris out of dough and fry them

The puris are so tasty that you don't even need, vegetable with it or can be eaten with tomato ketchup. Nice item for quick breakfast as well.

  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    i still cannot believe that palak tastes this good :) hehehe.

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