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For Ajoy's Bday I planned to prepare Pineapple Pastry.. Earlier since I had 'not so good' experience with the cream I did quite a lot of R&D before preparing this one. And the end result turned out quite good :)

Pineapple Pastry
1.5 cup Maida
2 spoon Baking powder
1/2 spoon Eating Soda
1 cup spoon powdered Sugar
1/2 cup Milk
2 spoon butter
4 Eggs
1/2 spoon Pineapple Essence
1 cup Fresh Cream
1 cup tinned Pineapple
2 spoon Pineaaple syrup
1/4 cup tinner Cherries
Icing Sugar
A pinch of Salt

  • Sieve maida, baking powder, eating soda and salt together around 8-10 times to form properly mixed flour
  • Heat milk in a pot, when it boils mix butter with it and keep aside
  • Prepare the pan for baking the cake by coating it with butter, puting a butter paper of the size of the bottom of the vessel on it and applying butter again to the paper
  • Heat the oven to 200C
  • Now separate the egg white and yellows
  • Beat the egg white till it thickens
  • In a egg yolk, mix powdered sugar a spoon at a time till sugar is completely mixed with the yolk
  • Now mix the maida flour sieved earlier with this egg yolk mixture, spoon by spoon
  • Add the pineapple essence to the mixture and mix well
  • Add egg white and mix well
  • Add milk and butter mixture to this and mix well
  • Add this mixture to the pan that was earlier prepared for baking
  • Bake the cake in microwave + convection mode at 180W and 180C for 15 minutes
  • Keep aside for cooling
  • Whip the cream well, first slowly and then increase the speed.
  • When the cream becomes about double the original size, mix icing sugar and whip well
  • Cut the cake into half to get the 2 round cakes of half the thickness of the original cake
  • Spread the syrup on both the halves
  • Spread half of the cream and half of pineapple pieces (finely chopped)on one portion of the cake
  • Keep the other portion of the cake on top of it and spread remaining cream all over the cake including its sides. You can form texture on the cake or keep it plain. I made texture using fork.
  • Spread the pineapple pieces and cherries on top of the cake to decorate it

While mixing the egg white and milk in the cake mixture, mix it slowly and with care.
Cover the cakes with moist tissue paper or moist cloths so that the cake remains moist.
Also I found that the Amul Cream I had used earlier wasn't good enough for preparing the cream. It has very low contents of fat. I got the cream from the mithai shop this time and it was quite thick. One needs thick cream for whipping the cream. The cream is available in local mithai shops or dairies.

  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    this is my bday cake :) .. heheheh ... very nicely done !

  2. Anonymous said...

    hi sheetal,
    I am regular visitor of ur blog from pune n tried out some of ur recipesn everything turned frosting for the cake wasn't was a bit can i make it thick

  3. Anonymous,
    You can set the cream in fridge for some time and that would spearate the water from the cream. Remove that water and then cream it to get the best results. I think that should work. I had done that earlier once and it worked fine for me.

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