Sheetal Kamat

This is a refreshing drink made from the raw mango. Its the first one of this season :) as its just now we have started getting raw mangoes.

3 Raw Mangoes
2.5 cup Jaggery
Salt to taste

  • Peel off the skin from the raw mango and cut it into medium sized pieces
  • Cook the pieces into cooker by adding enough water
  • When the mangoes cool down, grind them in a mixter and strain the mixture
  • Mix the jaggery and salt in it and let it dissolve completely.
  • Add more water to get the thinner panha

You need to change the amount of jaggery depending on the sourness of the mango

  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    though i do not enjoy the drink very much :) i like it because it keeps me fresh :)

  2. abhijit said...

    अहाहा! अगदी ऑक्टोबर हीट मध्ये ही पोस्ट वाचली...थंड, शीतल वाटलं! :-)

    ग्लास फारच छान आहे.

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