Sheetal Kamat

Another cooling drink to beat the summer, this one i read from the magzine and did some modifications to get this to my taste.

Tomato Thandai
1/2 cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
3 cup Milk
2 Tomatoes
2 spoon Poppy Seeds
1/2 spoon Saunf
1/2 spoon Sugar
15 Almonds

  • Grind the tomatoes
  • Starin the puree and keep it in the fridge
  • Soak the poppy seeds in the 2 spoon of water for half an hour
  • Grind poppy seeds, saunf and 1/2 cup milk to get the fine paste. Keep it in the fridge.
  • Grind the remaining milk, condensed milk and sugar together. Store it in the fridge.
  • While serving mix the tomato juice, poppy seed - suanf paste and milk-condensed milk mixture together and stir well.
  • Serve with crushed ice.

Since I used sweetened condensed milk i used only half spoon of sugar. If the milk is not sweetened, you can adjust the sugar quantity to your taste.

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