Sheetal Kamat

I loved the lassi which i use to have in pune near ABC corner. And this one turned out exactly like that one.

1/2 Ltr Milk
2 Spoon Milk Powder
1 Spoon Corn Flour
1 Spoon Curd
3 Spoon Sugar
4-5 Ice Cubes

  • In half cup milk mix, milk powder and corn flour
  • Boil remaining milk with constant stiring
  • When the milk boils add the corn flour - milk powder mixture to it and boil for another 4 - 5 minutes
  • Let the milk cool down a little
  • When it is warm, milk the curd well and let the curd settle
  • When curd is ready, grind it with sugar and ice-cubes for 4 - 5 minutes
  • Serve chilled

Stir the milk continuously and do not let it form the malai. Also I used the full cream milk so that curd becomes thick.

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