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Earlier when I used to make gulab jamoon with Gits packet the most problematic area for me was to prepare sugar syrup correctly.. Most of the time it use to be too sugary. So when i decided to make gulab jamoon with khoya instead of ready mix packet I did little R&D over sugar syrup and found that the cookery book i have received as a wedding gift has the best method.

Gulab Jamoon
1/4 Kg Khoya
1 cup Rava
1/2 cup milk
2 pinch of Cardamom Powder
A pinch of Eating soda
2 cup Sugar
3 cup water

  • Make the dough from rava using milk exactly the same consistency we prepare for Rotis. Keep aside for 2 hours
  • Mix this Rava mixture and Khoya well
  • Strain the mixture through the Puran Yantra
  • Mix a pinch of cardamom powder with this mixture and knead the dough
  • Prepare small round balls out of this mixture
  • Now in a pan mix sugar and water and bring it to boil. Cook on medium flame only
  • When the mixture boils add a pinch of cardamom powder and boil for another minute. Keep aside
  • Heat another pan with oil/ghee
  • Fry the gulab jamoon balls in this on low flame 4-5 at a time
  • When the Gulab Jamoon is brown in colour keep them aside to strain the oil and fry next batch
  • When next batch is ready to come out of oil, add the first batch to the sugar syrup.
  • Fry and dip all gulabjamoons same way
  • When all gulab jamoons are in syrup, boil the syrup again on low flame. Keep aside for 5-6 hours
  • Seve the gulab jamoons warm with ice-cream of your choice to make a delicious dessert

When you put the balls in oil for frying they should float in a minute, otherwise mix little more eating soda and knead the dough.
Also when the balls are dipped in the syrup they should float otherwise balls are not cooked properly.

  1. Vineet said...

    how much sugar and water needed to prepare the good syrup for abour 40 gulabjamuns?

  2. Vineet, The above quantity prepares around 25 gulab jamuns.

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