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Chipotle is Ajoy's favorite joint and he does keep insisting on going to it once in a while. We like the chicken burrito bowl there. So after seeing them prepare the bowl for few times, I decided to try this out at home. Since I had prawns at home and didn't have boneless chicken, I made it with prawns. Turns out it was quite nice.

Prawns Burrito Bowl
400g Cleaned Prawns
1.5 Cup Rice
5 Tomatoes
1 Lemon
3 Cup Sweetcorn
3 Spoon Curd
3 Spoon Red Chilli Powder
1/2 Spoon Oregano
1/2 Spoon Pepper Powder
1/4 Spoon Corriander Powder
1/4 Spoon Garam Masala
1/2 Cup Grated Cheese
1/4 Cup Ranch Dressing
1/2 Cup Corriander Leaves
4 Spoon Butter
Salt to taste
Olive Oil

  • Mix in curd, 1 spoon of red chilli powder, corriander powder, garam masala and salt.
  • Add in prawns and mix well. Keep aside.
  • In a pressure cooker cook the rice with 2.5 cups of water and keep aside.
  • Heat 1/4 spoon of oil and add the corriander leaves to lightly cook them.
  • Add the oil-corriander leaves mixture, lemon juice and salt to the rice and mix well. Keep aside
  • In a pan, add a spoon of oil and heat it.
  • Add in 3 mashed tomato, remaining 2 spoons of red chilli powder, pepper powder, oregano and salt. Mix well.
  • Cook till mixture thickens. Keep aside to cool down
  • In another pan heat butter and fry in the marinated prawns till they are done and dark brown in color.
  • Now in three big bowls make the burritos by adding a layer of rice dividing equally in them.
  • Add prawns, finely chopped remaining 2 tomatoes, grated cheese.
  • Microwave sweet corn for 3 minutes and add it to the burrito bowl.
  • Add the tomato-chilli sauce, ranch dressing and lettuce. Serve it immediately.

I microwaved the corn for quick cooking. You can alternately boil them in water and drain out the excess water.
The tomato-chilli sauce would turn quite spicy. I had used another spoon and it was little extra spicy hence while writing this recipe I have suggested 1 spoon less compared to what I used.
Used ranch dressing because I didn't want to buy or make sour cream just for this.
Since I had jumbo prawns I cut it into 2-3 pieces after frying them in butter.

  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    This one turned out awesome. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  2. I think we should be making it more frequently

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