Sheetal Kamat

I got 'gulkand' from pune this time, thinking that it might help me cool down a bit when needed. Today wasnt that high temperature day, yet seeing the ice-cream box in the freezer and the gulkand sitting on the shelf, I decided to make this one. What a wonderful friday evening sipping in rose milkshake.

Dry Fruits And Rose Milk Shake
6 Cup Milk
2 Cup Vanilla Ice-cream
1/3 Cup Cashews
1/3 Cup Almonds
1/3 Cup Pistachios
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Spoon Gulkand
A Pinch of Red Color

  • Add Cashews, Almonds, pistachios in the mixer and grind to rough powder
  • Add in gulkand, ice-cream and grind again.
  • Add milk, sugar and red color and mix till smooth consistency

I kept few dry fruits half ground into pieces so that we could get them in mouth while having the milkshake. I think that gave the milkshake amazing taste and feel.
For more decoration, I mixed a pinch of red color with couple of drops of water and dipping the back of spoon in it decorated the top of the milkshake with some simple designs, current ones based on valentine theme :)

  1. Milind said...

    wowww, how romantic!
    very beautiful looking..

    The youtube video of painting those hearts would hv got thousands of hits :)

  2. Thanks Milind.. I am not very comfortable shooting videos while I cook :) Many a times I create lot of mess :)

  3. Hi, these items look really great! Where on your site do you have translations of the ingredients for Caribbean dwellers like me? Like the tapioca / sago dessert for instance.

  4. Caribbean Translation,
    I am not sure what exactly you are looking for but I have terminologies section on right top that has some english translations if i have been using indian ones.

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