Sheetal Kamat

In hyderabad, there is restaurant called chutneys. They serve wide varieties of chutneys along with the main menu. So thats where I had this chutney and decided to prepare this simple chutney with my dosa.

Sweet Coconut Chutney
1/2 Coconut
1.5 Spoon Sugar
Salt to taste

  • Grate the coconut
  • Grind the coconut, sugar and salt mixing with little water to get sweet chutney

Do not grate the coconut fully, otherwise the chutney will turn brown.

  1. About AP said...

    Can you please give a rating for this recipe? I wanna try it.

  2. About AP,
    My husband and myself did like this chutney and the good thing was it was easy and quick one.

  3. Anonymous said...

    hi thanks for this receipe....i wanted to try for my 2.5 yr old son....i am gonna try this receipe tmrow....rply u back

    thanks so much

  4. Priyanka said...

    S you can actually peel the cocnuts and grind it in the mixie and add milk instead of water.that gives perfect chutneys wala taste :)

  5. Priyanka, It hmm, I always prefer the traditional way that is by grating the coconut, somehow pilling skin of the coconut seems more tedious :) But I like you idea of using milk instead of water, will try that out. Thanks.

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