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Since I was small I use to prepare this and we loved watching saturday and sunday evening movies on DD while munching these.. Back then I wasnt so good at understanding the cooking techniques so many times they would be soft instead of crispy nuts. After a while the failure rates increased and i left the job of preparing these. But last week I just thought of preparing with my newly developed senses of cooking and results turned out really nice. And above all the results are consistent.. I did try them quite a few times after that to verify :)

Salty Peanuts
2 Cup Groundnuts
2 Spoon Salt

  • Roast the ground nuts till they are completely done.
  • Mix salt with a cup of water
  • Put the groundnuts in the sieve and run them through the salted water
  • Remove the excess water
  • Quickly put the groundnuts back in the hot pan and roast on high flame with constant mixing till they are completely dry

The process of running the salty water through hot and roasted groundnut should be done quickly so that the nuts dont soak the water.

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  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    one small cone in Rs 2, slightly bigger cone for Rs 5 ;-) ... next time when we travel to pune in SL, lets go and sell it :)...

  2. do you remember its been ages since we travelled in SL :D

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