Sheetal Kamat

Today I got an opportunity to experiment on different people and in different location :) Different people being mom and dad and different location is Pune, their place. I have come here for few days and taken over cooking so today for breakfast i just tried this quick and yet tasty item.

Paneer Sandwitch
12 Bread Slices
2 Cup Grated Paneer
4 Green Chillies
Handful of Corriander Leaves
1 Spoon Red Chilli Powder
1/2 Spoon Jeera Powder
1/2 Spoon Corriander Powder
1/4 Spoon Amchur Powder
Salt to taste

  • Mix paneer, finely chopped green chillies, red chilli powder, finely chopped corriander leaves, jeera powder, corriander powder, amchur powder and salt to taste
  • Butter one bread slice and keep the buttered side facing plate
  • Spread the paneer mixture on top of this bread slice
  • Put the other bread slice on top of it and butter the slice again
  • Grill the sandwitch and serve hot
  • Prepare remaining sandwitches following the same method

Buttering the slice before putting the mixture helps in not spreading the mixture while transfering to griller

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