Sheetal Kamat

Last week when we went to Ohris for dinner - Bengali Food festival, there I had this and it was so soft that, ajoy and me, we both thought it was more like french fries. So Weekend when I prepared light food, I decided to give this a try. Output was amazing.

Jheri Jheri Aalu Bhaja
2 Potatoes
Salt to taste

  • Grate the potatoes
  • Wash the grated potatoes and spread it on the tissue paper to remove the water
  • Heat oil and fry the the grated potatoes on medium low flame till golden brown in colour
  • Sprinkle salt to taste and serve

To get crispy bhaja you have to be patient and fry it slowly on medium low flame
Even after removing from oil it becomes little darker after some time. So do not over fry it.
Also putting the grated potatoes in the water immediately will help in retaining their color.

  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    slup slup ... with the jheri jheri aloo bhaja along side with dal .. u can finish up dinner and yet feel that u had lot of stuff ;) ... we should have come across this dish a little earlier :) ... now that sheetal has perfected it .. i will keep pastering her for more .. yeh dil mange more (as always)

  2. Thanks :) I am glad that it indeed came out well and i loved simplicity of the recipe and hence I do plan to cook it frequently :)

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