Sheetal Kamat

It was Ganesh Jayanti Last week and I had decided to cook modaks that day.. But it happened that i changed my mind and went to pune to surprise in-laws and parents.. So decided let me try my hand on this today.

Ukadiche Modak
1 cup grated coconut
3/4 cup jaggery
1.5 cup water
1 cup rice powder

  • Heat pan and add grated coconut and jaggery
  • After around 5-7 minutes the jaggery would dessolve into the cocunut and form our filling for the modak.
  • Heat water in the pot
  • Once water is almost boiling add little oil and salt to it
  • After water boils completely add rice powder and mix well
  • Take out the mixture from the stove and mix it well to form uniform dough
  • Make small balls of this dough and flatten them
  • Add the mixture and pack the ball giving it little plates at top to form modak shape
  • To cook modak keep a vessel with water on the stove, on top of it put the vessel which has holes grease it and put the modaks on it
  • Cook the modaks by covering them with small cloth or a plate for about 7-10 minutes

Its a coconut item and doesn't stay good for long, so consume these in a day

  1. Ajoy said...

    have had these earlier. Since its a bit phush phush .. dont enjoy it much :) ... but sweets i love so its great ! btw its ganesh chaturthi and not jayanti (like gandhi jayanti ;-) .. )

  2. Rohit said...

    it is steamed .. not boiled :)

  3. Sheetal said...

    hehe :) changed it :) thanks :)

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