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Today morning when I was just thinking about making some sweet, suddenly thought of Kalakand I had when Mehul had taken us to temple for his new car's puja. I searched a little bit for the recipe and found that its very easy one. Oh but when I actually made it, I knew though the recipe is simple, it does take a long time to get to the final product. Especially boiling the milk to half and then drying it completely.

2 Liter Milk
1 Cup Sugar
3 Spoon Vinegar
1 Spoon Pistachio
A drop of Kewada Essence
A Silver Leaf

  • Boil half of the milk.
  • Mix Vinegar with 3 spoon water and add it to the boiling milk.
  • When the whey separates completely remove it from the stove and strain it
  • Wash it through running cold water
  • Put it in the muslin cloth and drain the water. Keep it aside under the heavy pan
  • Boil remaining milk till half in quantity
  • Add in the curdled milk stored aside in it and cook over medium flame till the mixture thickens
  • Add in sugar and kewada essence. Cook till the mixture thickens completely.
  • Spread the mixture on the plate, apply the silver leaf and garnish with chopped pistachios
  • Let the mixture cool. Cut it into cubes and serve

I tried using non stick pan to boil the milk to half but it didn't work well. So I transferred it to the aluminum pan. It works best for making the sweet.
While boiling down the milk, you need to stir it constantly and vigourously so that it doesnt stick to bottom or sides of the pan.
05Nov: I tried using 2 galons of milk instead of 2 litre today which is approximately 8 liter and I had terrible time boiling down the milk to half and even after adding paneer. I totally missed the fact that since its boiling of the milk the time taken would be increasing and wont be a marginal increase. So be aware if you are making it in bulk. Its too much of work. And it made approximately 16 pieces of sweets with 2 liter and we finished it so fast that I had to make it again :) and thats how I thought of making it in bulk so that we can give it to few others too :)

  1. Sophi said...

    plz pass me one piece ;p

  2. It was over too soon to pass it to anyone ;-)

  3. Padhu said...

    It looks yummy.First time here .I enjoyed reading your blog.Do visit

  4. Ajoy Nandi said...

    slurp slurp ... looking fwd for next week when it will be prepared agian.

  5. lol ajoy.. i am going to make you sit and boil the milk this time :)

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