Sheetal Kamat

This time for Diwali I decided to prepare some faraal - snack items prepared especially for Diwali. So the preparation started with getting recipes from mom. When I looked at recipe for chakali, I just couldn't believe it is going to be so easy to make it and yet so quick. I had fun preparing this one and it tasted awesome. Item that is my and ajoy's favorite.

2 Cup Rice Powder
1 Spoon Maida
1/2 Spoon Red Chilli Powder
1/4 Spoon Sesame Seeds
1/4 Spoon Carom Seeds
1/4 Cup Unsalted Butter
Salt to taste

  • Mix rice powder, maida, sesame seeds, carom seeds, red chilli powder, salt in a plate
  • Add in the butter and mix well.
  • Make a soft dough ball (not too tight, not too loose but soft consistency) by adding water to it and kneading it well
  • Knead half portion of it and put it in chakali maker.
  • Heat oil on high
  • Turn the heat to medium, make chakalis from the maker on a plate and transfer them to the oil.
  • Fry from both sides till light red in color
  • Repeat for remaining ones, making sure oil is hot enough before adding chakalis to the oil.
  • Let it drain the oil on the kitchen towel, cool it and store it in air tight container

If you are using homemade butter, then wash it with cold water before use.
The chakalis should be taken out before they turn completely reddish as the color darkens after removing and cooling it down.

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