Sheetal Kamat

After many days i decided to cook something different.. And then this came to my mind.. I read the recipe in one of the cook book i have and tried it and it really turned up well...

1 cup mung daal
2 cup maida
2 spoon rava
2 tea spoons red chilli powder
1 spoon amchur(dry mango) powder
1 spoon garam masala
1 spoon saunf
1 spoon mustard
1 spoon jeera
Salt to taste
sugar to taste

  • Soak mung daal in water overnight
  • In the morning grind mung daal without water in the mixie to form a coarse mixture
  • Heat a 4-5 spoons of the oil and sputter mustard and jeera
  • Add mung daal to it and cook with cover
  • Once the mixture is little dry, add red chilli powder, masala, amchur powder, saunf, sugar and salt and stir well
  • Cook for some more time till mixture is completely dry
  • In a plate mix maida, rava and salt and add 1/2 cup of heated oil to it
  • Mix little water and prepare loose dough
  • Prepare lemon sized balls out of this dough
  • Press the ball with thumb and finger to form a cup shape
  • Add a spoon full of above cooked mung daal mixture to it and close the ball to form bigger ball
  • Press the ball with both hand to form thick plate kind of shape
  • Fry in oil on low-medium heat

Mung daal mixture should be coarse and not too watery so remove as much water as possible from mung daal before grinding it

  1. Shweta said...

    Looks interesting. Is it really that simple to make? I had always thought that kachoris are the most difficult things to make. :)

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