Sheetal Kamat

I always relished the pudina chutney served with tandoori chicken or kababs. This is my try and it turned out quite well..

Pudina Chutney
1 cup punina leaves
2 spoon corriander leaves
2 cup curd
salt to taste

  • Grind the pundina leaves and corriander leaves in mixer
  • It will form watery paste, filter to get the pudina water
  • In a pot mix curd and salt
  • Now mix the pudina water spoon full at a time till completely mixed

Use thickest possible curd as we are anyway adding pudina water so it will be little thinner anyways

  1. *cutezangel* said...


  2. cutezangle, I think i might not like it.. it will give it little corrianderish taste and this chutney I love mainly for its pudina flavour and smell... :)

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