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Gobi Manchurian, one of the best indianised chinese dish.. I tried to prepare this today and it turned out quite well. I didn't have chinese vegetables hotel guys use and I don't even know where can I get them, so I made gobi manchurian completely indianised. And here is the recipe

Gobi Manchurian
1 medium sized Gobi
5 spoon corn floor
4 spoon maida
2 spoon red chilli powder
3 spoon Garlic-ginger paste
3 spoon tomato ketchup
1 beans
2 finely chopped green chillies
2 spoon hot and sweet tomato ketchup
Salt to taste

  • Chop the gobis to make eatable sized pieces
  • Mix 4 spoon corn floor, maida, red chilli powder, 2 spoon garlic ginger paste and salt with water to form thick batter
  • Heat oil on high flame
  • Add gobi pieces to the batter so that the batter covers it from all sides
  • Deep fry the pieces on medium flame till they are golden brown
  • Heat Oil on low flame
  • Add remaining garlic ginger paste and let it sputter
  • Add in chopped onion, green chillies and let them cook
  • Once onions are cooked and start turning little brown add in both ketchups
  • Mix remaining corn floor with water and add it to the manchurian
  • Garnish with finely chopped beans and green chillies

You can optionally use soya souce also but I didn't have that either
If you want to prepare this as gravy, add more corn floor with water to the gravy while mixing ketchups

  1. Ajoy said...

    This stuff looks soo yummy ... damn !! .. i am missing it ...
    once i am back i think we need to include this once a week for sure.

  2. Sheetal said...

    Thanks :) Gave some to aunty to taste it and she was amazed :) she liked it a lot :) And thats how i got the confidence to put it here :)

  3. Amma said...

    hey nice blog.......going to try out this for sure,will look for more .........

  4. Sheetal said...

    thanks amma, hope you like it :)

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