Sheetal Kamat

Again this recipe is inspiration from bangalore. We use to go to restaurant called Treat on 80 feet road . The restaurant serves amazing food. I love the cucumber raita they make and when I tasted it I decided to make this at home. I was able to get the taste similar to their's. Raita goes with almost everything, its so easy to prepare and its so tasty that I sometimes like to eat it like a sweet dish - kheer after dinner :)

Cucumber Raita
1 cup thick curd
1 cucumber
1/2 spoon jeera powder
Salt to taste

  • Grate the cucumber
  • Add salt and jeera powder
  • Mix with curd

Using thick curd is important as I do not throw the water that gets generated by cucumber after mixing it with salt. So If you do not have thick curd make sure you remove the water.

  1. adding jeea powder is something new to me. must try out.

  2. Sheetal said...

    yeah pls try out.. it tastes awesome :)

  3. Kalpana said...

    I have another suggestion to this raita recipe.Just dry fry the zeera for about a min, powder it and add it to the raita. If you can get Kala
    Zeera it would be great..

    Dear, Pls post the garam masala powder recipe by your mom.

  4. Sheetal said...

    hey kalpana, thanks for the suggestion.. i will surely try it out.. and let you know :)

  5. Sheetal said...

    And about the garama masala recipe.. My mom has written it.. but i am not able to understand it thouroughly.. so waiting to talk to her about it in person.. Hopefully soon :)

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