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I had been trying to bake cake since I bought microwave.. But it wasn't successful attempt.. Infact couple of times it turned out as hard as cookies and poor ajoy had to suffer.. Now today that my mom and dad were coming I thought I might experiment cake on them.. :) But this time it came out well and I was surprised because ingredients used were same. Later when I was talking to Mom I came to know the reason. Here is how I prepared it

Dates Cake
1 cup maida
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil
20 Dates seeds removed
1 spoon baking powder
Nuts to garnish

  • Grind milk, dates and sugar well to form the paste
  • Mix oil to the above paste
  • Sieve together maida and baking powder atleast 2-3 times
  • Mix sieved maida and baking powder spoon full at a time with the paste formed.
  • Grease the microwave safe pan with oil and put in butter paper at bottom
  • Add the above formed mixture to the pan
  • Garnish it with nuts
  • Preheat microwave to 200C
  • Bake the cake by keeping pan on the lower rack and in Microwave convection mode - 200C, 180W, 20min

Sieving maida and baking powder together is must, infact I didn't know this earlier and thats the reason cake turned out to be cookie
You might want to keep dates and milk mixed together say overnight so that its easy to grind it. (I am always impatient so I just grind it and its sometimes very difficult)
I have samsung 108STF model of microwave. Cooking temperature and power depends on the microwave. You might need to experiment on that little to get the perfect result for you

  1. Ajoy said...

    finally the cake got its independece on the right day !

  2. Sweta said...

    hey it looks nice. even i m plannin to try this out. u mentioned oil. is it oil or ghee or butter?? which oil??

  3. Sheetal said...

    hey sweta.. its edible oil that i normally use for cooking purpose..
    its sunflower heart for this..

  4. Jayashree said...

    hii Sheetal, tomorrow I am planning to prepare this. Vinut likes cakes.. Usually we prepare normal cakes at home.. we have not tried Dates cake. Will let you about the result.. :)

  5. Sheetal said...

    though the cake looks delicious and way different than normal sponge cakes, there is no extra effort or process required.. :) taste vs effort proportion is very high so i just love baking this cake :)

  6. Anonymous said...

    hi sheetal,
    i accidently saw this and thought of trying turned out well.thanks 4 recipe..its really easy

  7. Thanks anonymous. Do try other recipes out here too :)

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