Sheetal Kamat

I had made these when mom dad were around but they weren't perfect especially they were little on drier side. So this time I made little bit change in quantities and they come out perfect. I frosted them with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting.

Red Velvet Cup Cakes
2.5 Cup Maida
1/4 Spoon Coca Powder
1/4 Spoon Baking Soda
1/4 Spoon Salt
1.5 Cup Sugar
1 Egg
1.5 Cup Oil
2 Spoon Curd
1 Spoon Liquid Red Food Color
1/4 Spoon Vinegar
1/4 Spoon Vanilla Essence

  • Preheat oven to 350F/175C
  • Sieve Maida and Coca Powder in a bowl
  • Mix in baking soda, salt and sugar in it
  • In separate bowl add in egg, oil, red food color, vanilla essence and vinegar.
  • In a cup add in the curd and fill it with water. Mix well with the fork and add it to the wet mixture (oil-egg mixture)
  • Beat the mixture on low speed till smooth
  • Add in sieved dry mixture of maida-coca powder a cup at a time and beat slowly till it accommodates in the mixture.
  • Line the cupcake pan with the paper cups. Divide the mixture in 12 cups.
  • Bake the cake on 350F/175C for 22 minutes

I normally turn around the cupcakes after 70% of baking time in this case around 15 minutes. It helps in even baking of the cakes.

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