Sheetal Kamat

These days the paneer quality that we are getting here isnt that great. It almost makes the paneer as my non liked item which is not the case. Ajoy and me both like paneer a lot so that is unacceptable.. Its not like i never made paneer, I had been making this for sweets regularly but didnt make it for vegetable for the good quality paneer was always available.. But since now that is not the case I decided to make this for adding it to the vegetables too. Turns out i was missing so much for last few years that I didn't make it at home.

2 Liter Whole Milk
3 Spoon Vinegar

  • Bring milk to boil.
  • When it almost comes to boil add in vinegar mixed with cup of cold water and stir well.
  • Milk will cuddle and separate from whey.
  • Pour this into the cheese or muslin cloth and let water drain out.
  • Run in cold water through it to let it come to room temperature. Tie the muslin cloth tightly.
  • Fill in the cooker fully with water and keep it on top of the paneer. Let it rest overnight.

Lot of people use lemon juice but i like to use vinegar as it is easy to remove the sour taste that it brings in and paneer gets its own taste.
Don't use half and half for this, the paneer would be too creamy and wont give you the texture you need in the paneer. Whole milk or reduced fat milk would be perfect for this.

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