Sheetal Kamat

Kadboli is Maharashtrian faral dish. You might wonder why am i posting this after so many months of diwali. But given that world cup has started in full swing, i thought it would be good to have some crunchy home made snack instead of just plain chips. So late on sunday I decided to make them whole lot of kadbolis and soon realised that it is too much of work to shape them. Thats when I came up with the idea of using chakali gun with this disc to shape them instead. With these they are bite size and make perfect snack for movies or games :)

4 Cup Rice Powder
3 Cup Milk
1 Cup Butter
Salt to taste

  • Mix rice powder with butter and salt really well
  • Add in milk and make the dough
  • Take a small lemon sized balls and roll them with hand and make a long rope shape. Give it in a shape of circle. Fry in medium hot oil till pink in color
  • Alternately, put in the dough in the chakali gun and press the circular shapes in the medium hot oil and fry till pink in color

Dont fry till brown in color as the color darkens a bit after a while.

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