Sheetal Kamat

Yet another attempt to make Ajoy eat Spinach without making faces ;-) Well to be honest though he doesn't like it he doesn't make faces, its me who does that :) :) Here I tried to combine his well known affinity towards paratha yet trying to be different by making it as stuffing.

Stuffed Spinach Paratha
3 Cups Wheat Flour
6 Cup Spinach Leaves
2 Potatoes
1/2 Spoon Jeera
1/4 Spoon Mustard Seeds
A Pinch of Asafoetida
1 Spoon Red Chilli Powder
1/2 Spoon Garam Masala
Salt to taste

  • In a plate, mix wheat flour, a spoonful of oil and salt.
  • Add water and knead a soft dough. Keep aside for 30-40 minutes
  • Pressure cook the potatoes and keep them aside
  • In a pan heat a spoonful of oil and let jeera and mustard splutter in it.
  • Add Asafoetida and then spinach
  • Keep stirring and after it leaves water from it add red chilli powder, garam masala and salt to taste
  • Cook with constant stirring till water evaporates. Keep aside for cooling
  • In a mixie, grind the spinach and then mix it with the grated potatoes.
  • Prepare the balls of small lemon size out of this mixture
  • Make same size balls from the dough and prepare the cup shape.
  • Stuff the spinach ball in the cup shape dough and close the ball. Roll the paratha
  • On medium flame, heat the tawa and cook the paratha from both sides till brown. Spread few drops of oil while its cooking.
  • When completely done apply few drops of ghee and serve with pickle and/or curd

I didnt want to use lots of masalas or corriander(my another trick to make ajoy like the disk;-)) so that I can still retain a bit of spinach taste. Instead I used potatoes that helped in reducing the intensity of the spinach taste :)

  1. Milind said...

    wow, didnt know much that spianch parathas are also made.. have eaten only methi (Fenugreek) parathas...

    have u tried/heard of Pumpkin parathas?

  2. Parita said...

    I have tasted spinach stuffed parathas and i truly loved them, your parathas look delicious too!

  3. I didnt know something like this existed either.. just gave it a shot and it turned out really nice :)

    Milind, havent heard of pumpkin ones but eaten pumpkin puris :)

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