Sheetal Kamat

When I was small, Dad use to take me to walk from FC Road to Laxmi-road every thursday. I use to love those walks just because at the end of walk on Laxmi-road in Janata Dugdha Mandir he use to give me 'Piyush' for drink. I love this drink so much so that whenever I go to pune I end up drinking this too much :) Then last couple of years back mom started preparing this at home with exact taste and bhooom.. Yesterday I wanted to do same thing and here I got it.

5 Cup Curd
1 Lemon
8 Spoon Sugar
A Pinch of Nutmeg powder
A Pinch of Lemon Yellow Colour
Salt to taste

  • Mix curd, sugar, nutmeg powder, salt, lemon yello colour and lemon juice
  • Mix around 2-3 cups of water to get the flowing consitency for the mixture
  • Beat this mixture for a while till sugar mixes completely
  • Serve chilled

Use thick milk to prepare the curd, and don't make curd sour. The lemon gives the enough sourness for the perfect taste.
PS: Sometimes because of lemon's bitterness this turns out little bitter, So today, I tried using 1/2 spoon of vinegar instead and it gave amazing effect, no bitterness at all and perfect taste.

  1. Diksha said...

    This piyush looks great ....I am sure its gonna be yummy. You have a great colletion of recipes

  2. Diksha said...

    Hi Sheetal, U have received an award ....check out my blog!

  3. Sheetal said...

    Thanks Diksha.. I will post about the award soon..

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