Sheetal Kamat

Today when Ajoy returned back, i wanted to cook something with kothimbir considering he loves kothimbir and here i cooked a mom's recipe.. It tastes awesome and very very easy to prepare.. It goes well in starters and can be a hit item in the parties...

Kothimbir wadi
2 cup corriander leaves
1/2 cup Besan
1/4 cup rice powder
1 spoon red chilli powder
Salt to taste

  • Wash and chop the corriander leaves very fine
  • Mix besan, rice powder, chilli powder, salt and a spoon of oil with these finely chopped corriander leaves.
  • Add little water if required and form a cylindrical ball with this mixture
  • Grease it a little bit and cook it on vapour in pressure cooker for 15 - 20 min till the knife comes out of this ball without mixture sticked to it
  • Let the ball cool down and then cut it into thin pieces
  • Deep fry the tikkis and serve with sauce

If by any chance you happen to add little extra water add more besan so that it forms tight ball
Add salt with care as this mixture tends to get salty even with little salt

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