Sheetal Kamat

Last week I had tried Paneer paratha and it tasted awesome. Here is the recipe for the same...

Paneer Paratha
200g Paneer
1 Spoon Chilli Powder
1 Spoon Cumin Powder
1 Spoon Corriander Powder
1 Spoon Amachur Powder
5 Spoon Heaps Wheat Flour

  • Make dough of wheat flour just like one prepares for any other rotis/parathas
  • Grate the paneer
  • Mix it with chilli Powder, corriander powder, amchur powder, cumin powder and salt to taste.
  • Make 2 medium sized roti
  • Spread the prepared mixture of paneer on one of them
  • Put the other roti on to the mixture
  • Close the ends of paratha by touching bottom roti ends with wet fingers and then pressing the end of the rotis. That would seal the paratha.
  • You may want to roll the paratha little to get it even.
  • Fry the paratha on preheated tawa with butter or oil

If salt is added to the mixture and kept for too long mixture might turn out watery, so always prepare mixture just before starting to roll rotis.

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