Sheetal Kamat

Last week I had got strawberries to make jam :) But the week was hectic and i couldn't get myself slogging for an hour or two in kitchen so instead yesterday i decided to make icecream instead. I was little skeptical for this was first time i was trying it out and serving without knowing how it is going to turn out added to the nervousness. Glad everyone enjoyed it and that surely calls for this post.

Strawberry Icecream
5 Cup Milk
3.5 Cup Cream
1.5 Kg Strawberries
4 Cup Sugar
1/2 Lemon

  • In a mixer, blend 1Kg of strawberries and sugar together till smooth. Transfer it to bowl.
  • Add in milk and whisk till smooth.
  • Add in cream and lemon juice and again whisk till consistent.
  • In ice-cream maker pour this mixture in batches according to your ice-cream maker's capacity.
  • Chop remaining strawberries, and when ice-cream is almost set ad them to the ice-cream and let the ice-cream maker set the ice-cream.
  • Freez for another hour or two to get the best results.

I saved few strawberry pieces so I could add them on top while serving ice-cream.

  1. colourful ice cream looks wonderful

  2. Ajoy Nandi said...

    did not expect it to turn out good ;-) ... but it did

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