Sheetal Kamat

I had made this earlier too but today i thought i would make this for milind and ajoy. Its one of ajoy's favorite sweet dish and so easy to make.

1 Liter Milk
3/4 Cup Rice
1.25 cup Jaggery

  • Boil the milk and reduce to 3/4th.
  • Wash rice and and add it to the boiling milk. Let it cook completely.
  • Take off the heat once the rice is cooked completely. Add in grated jaggery
  • Mix well and let it dissolve completely. Chill and serve.

Cook the milk and rice over medium heat with constant stirring so as to avoid burning.

  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    well it is not one of my fav sweet dishes. Most bengali moms will prepare payesh on the day of their children birthday. Ma also used to make it. I did not like it back then. Then she added "patali gur" as and when it was available and thats when i developed the liking for it ! I just love anything with patali gur. Sheetal made this one really well. Had it 2 days in a row for lunch and loved it !

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