Sheetal Kamat

This is Ajoy's favorite flavor in ice-cream which i finally made last Saturday. This is so easy and tasty flavor that i wonder why i didn't make it earlier. The texture of the ice-cream came out so well, so much better than the store bought ice-cream.

Vanilla Ice-cream
1 liter Milk
3.5 Cup Cream
2 Cup Sugar
1/4 Cup Vanilla Extract

  • In a mixie blend sugar and 1/2 liter of milk together till sugar completely till it dissolves.
  • In a bowl mix the milk-sugar mixture, cream and vanilla extract and whisk with fork till everything is combined.
  • Set the mixture in ice-cream bowl according to the ice-cream maker's instructions.

I used heavy whipping cream instead of light whipping cream so if using light whipping cream, you may need to use 4.5 cups of cream instead for the smooth flavor.

  1. Madhu said...

    Hi Sheetal, I am visiting your blog for the first time, you have a very nice space here. Your icecream recipes are wonderful ... I feel like buying an icecream maker right now to try all the different icecreams.

  2. @Madhu: Thank you. I think it was long time since I wanted to buy ice-cream maker and since I got it I have made ice-cream almost every week. There is nothing like fresh homemade ice-cream where you can experiment lots and lots of flavors

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