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Since my childhood, we had been making ice-creams at home. It was one of my favorite activity back then. Sometimes to make it all by myself reading the recipe that mom had written or sometimes helping her. But we had huge share of homemade ice-creams back then. In fact we didn't even have ice-cream maker that time. We use to freeze, grind it in mixer, freeze, beat, freeze and so on. The recipe needed quite some work to make it soft. So when I came here, I really wanted to buy an ice-cream maker so that I can get rid of at least that process. Sunday when the day turned out cloudy and rainy, i decided to go for shopping and that's when I found this great deal on ice-cream maker. Instantly, I grabbed it, mailed mom for the same recipe. But to my disappointment, it turned out that not all ingredients were available here. I didn't have patience for getting information about the alternatives. So instead I did some research and came up with this alternative - quick recipe. The recipe is so simple and quick that I think I am going to serve this to lot of people in next few days :) Happy to eat delicious homemade Alphonso mango ice-cream

Quick Mango Ice-cream
1 Liter Half and Half
5 Cup Sweetened Mango Pulp
2 Cup Whipping Cream
1/2 Cup Corn Syrup
1 Cup Sugar

  • In a bowl mix in mango pulp and sugar. Let sugar dissolve completely.
  • Add Corn Syrup and half and half in it and stir well.
  • Add in whipping cream and stir lightly till the mixture is well blended together.
  • Add this mixture to the ice-cream maker bowl and start the machine.
  • In 25-30 minutes the ice-cream would be ready. Scoop out and serve.

I chilled all the items except corn syrup and sugar ;-) before the processing itself, but if you like you can make the mixture ready and then chill it for and hour at least. The mixture can also be stored in glass container for future use later.(that's what I have done)
I used half and half so that i dont have to boil the milk to half and then chill it. So in case you don't have half and half you can boil the milk until halve and let it cool.
You need to freeze the ice-cream maker bowl a day in advance as per the instructions of the machine.

  1. Ajoy Nandi said...

    nice photograph. It tasted well too

  2. Anonymous said...

    very good photography.

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