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It was long time since i tried something new in paratha. So when yesterday i was looking out for some dish which can take corn or pudina i came across the corn paratha recipy.. I modified it to what i felt like my taste :D and here is the output.

Corn Paratha
1 cup Corn
1 cup Wheat flour
1/8 cup maida
1 Potato
4 Green chillies
1/4 spoon Turmeric powder
1/4 spoon ginger paste
1/4 spoon Sugar
2 spoon Corn flour
1 cup Corriander leaves
1/4 cup Pudina leaves
1 spoon Chaat masala
Salt to taste

  • Mix maida, wheat flour and 1 spoon oil and make a dough for paratha. Keep aside for a while
  • Grind the corn to coarse paste
  • Cook the potato in the cooker
  • Heat around 3-4 spoon of oil in a pan
  • Add grinded green chillies, turmeric powder and ginger paste and saute
  • Add salt, sugar and corn flour and cook for a while. Keep aside
  • When corn flour mixture cools down, mix grinded corn, grated cooked potato, finely chopped corriander leaves, finely chopped pudina leaves and chaat masala
  • Take 2 balls for making paratha, and roll each of them only till cup size
  • Add the ball of above corn mixture between these two rotis and stick the sides by pressing well
  • Now roll this thick cup sized roti slowly to get the paratha
  • Cook the paratha on tawa, applying little oil

While cooking this paratha i didn't apply oil first to the tawa and cooked it on both sides partially. After this i sprinkled little oil. This made the paratha very light.
Recipe where i had read also mentioned to add 1/4 cup dried coconut to the corn mixture. But i didn't have dried coconut at home nor did it looked like my taste. But if you like you can try that as well

  1. Ramki said...

    Hi Sheetal,

    Am blogging your paratha as a model recipe in the 1001 Paratha cookbook at

    /Thanks for the recipe

  2. Sheetal said...

    Thank you so much.

  3. hi Sheetal,

    i tried making the corn paratha and it turned out to be very gud :) ..only that the corn mix was too wet and so i had to dry out by heating up in a pan ...

    ur blog has too many gud recipes ..i am surely going to try some of them :) ..gud job and imust appreciate ur efforts to document these ... hope ur list keeps growing :)

  4. Thanks Sujata, glad you liked it. Reading these feebacks motivates. So do stop by the blog to provide feedback in future too.

    Did you cook corn before making paste, I used raw washed and dried corn to make coarse paste as filling..

  5. yeh, i boiled the corn before grating it ..may be tht made it wet ..i had those frozen corns ..not the dried ones

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